Sabbath School


Probably the best part of Saturday morning at New Creation (besides the free coffee and snacks) are our small groups!  There's nothing like getting together with other believers and exploring the Bible together while sharing our own trials and triumphs.  Groups begin at 10 AM.


Women Sharing Faith

A small group specifically focused for women. Guided by Virginia Eggert, this is an informal class designed to share what is going on in our lives and how God is helping us through life’s daily challenges.  Woman of all ages are welcome!

One Track

A topical Bible study lead by Grace Criteser and Randy Reed that explores the Bible verse by verse utilizing Bible study tools.


Closer Walk

Just as the name implies, this class is designed for Bible study and discussion to help you find a closer connection with God.  Led by Paul Carpenter and Vince Behrens they guide the group each week in an exploration of personal experiences and Bible truth.

C.S. Lewis