Lincoln New Creation Community Church

A Seventh-day Adventist Experience

Prayer Garden

The prayer Garden is a living metaphor of ever-growing faith. Come meander its path, pray, reflect, and enjoy God's transformative beauty! 

God has always been found in a Garden

The Purpose

We wanted to offer our entire community a beautiful path to stroll, reflect and pray. We hope you find some of God's awe and peace, and that you'll want to keep coming back to see what's changing. (Maybe it's you!)

The Plan

At the entrance is a blessings box that contains prayer prompts (in case you'd like some guidance as you stroll), a little bit about New Creation, a pad to write prayer requests (or just to say hi!), and an optional donation slot. Take a prompt that speaks to you, or relax and enjoy the path.

You'll find 7 memorial benches, each one a station representing a line of the Lord's Prayer. At the foot of the hill, rest and reflect on a longer bench before you turn around to return up the path.

The Progress

About four years ago, the Ahrens built a Christmas pageant walk through New Creation's acreage. It was spectacular!

This year, enthusiastic church members have pulled together to restore the 500+ feet of meandering, bermed beds, and reinvent it as a prayer garden for everyone to enjoy.

We are grateful for generous help and contributions from the following:

In the future, we may incorporate the stations of the cross and create an Easter Hill. We're just getting underway. It will be amazing to see where God leads.